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Champion Labradors

English Type Labrador Retrievers Bred for Conformation and Exceptional Temperament by a Reputable, Ethical Breeder in Northern California

Show Quality Breeder

A winning track record. Champion bloodlines cared for with great pride.

Preservation Breeder

Preserving the lineages by prioritizing health and function over appearance.


Following rules and requirements set by AKC for ethical practice recommendations.


Here to answer all your After-Sale questions during the lifetime of your dog.

Breeding tomorrows Labradors for the sake of the breed

As a dedicated Labrador breeder, my mission is driven by a deep love for these remarkable dogs and a commitment to upholding the highest standards of integrity, excellence, and compassion.  We prioritize the health, temperament, and well-being of each dog, rigorously adhering to health screening protocols and genetic testing to ensure the continuation of the breed’s lineage while minimizing the risk of hereditary diseases. Through meticulous planning and careful selection of mating pairs, I aim to produce puppies that not only meet breed standards but also possess desirable traits and behaviors. Furthermore, I prioritize the socialization and early development of the puppies, providing them with a nurturing environment to thrive physically, mentally, and emotionally. My ultimate goal is to forge meaningful connections with fellow dog enthusiasts and positively contribute to the Labrador Retriever community by producing exceptional dogs that enrich the lives of their owners.

Genetic Selection

Meticulous screening of breeding stock for heritable diseases, selecting breeding pairs and removing faulty genes from lineages, and adhering to stringent standards.

Responsible Breeding

Prioritizing health and functionality over mere appearance. Through careful screening for heritable traits and the selection of the healthiest, most physically robust, and behaviorally stable dogs.


Providing prospective owners with comprehensive histories of their dogs, including accurate health, vaccination, and pedigree information.

Meet Our Champions

2024 Show String

Our dogs participating in current AKC (West Coast) competitions
D.O.B - 2019/04/17Registered As
GCH Bazurto's
Greatest Showman
OFA: Hip Good, Elbows Normal EIC - Clear
D.O.B - 2024/01/02Registered As
Party Favor
D.O.B - 2023/04/08Registered As
Star Attraction
D.O.B - 2019/04/17Registered As
Small Town Tourist
D.O.B - 2023/12/29Registered As
Faye Webster
D.O.B - 2023/12/29Registered As
Going on a World Tour
D.O.B - 2024/01/02Registered As
Raining Gold Dust
D.O.B - 2023/12/29Registered As
D.O.B - 2018/06/25Registered As
Charlotte's Web
OFA: Hip Good, Elbows Normal EIC - Clear

What Our Puppy Owners Are Saying
About Bazurto Kennels:

Java & Family

I would never leave Java with anyone else. (Since 2010, Bazurto Kennels has been the first and only choice for boarding Java when the family is one vacation.)

Owner(s): Tatyana and Edward


Everyone in my extended family that meets Roy just thinks he’s the absolute best dog. Every says we “lucked out”. You did a great job on him.

Owner(s): Shauna


I get comments everyday on how beautiful he is.

Owner(s): Katrina & Bill

Java & Cinnamon

Thank goodness Java has a patient temperament. Cinnamon only looks like a sweetheart.

Owner(s): Tatyana and Edward

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