Bazurto's Faye Webster
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Faye: Bazurto's Faye Webster


The story of Faye started many years ago. I came across a bitch I really admired named Hyspire Mainland Petal to the Metal, call name Danica. I so badly wanted a show puppy from her, but it was not meant to be. Fast forward, and her grandson, a multiple Best in Specialty winner, was standing at stud: MBISS GRCH Hyspire Fade to Black. Through my breeding program, I produced a beautiful bitch named CH Bazurto’s A Vegas Tourist Attraction, aka Tori.

Faye’s breeding was a repeat litter, and it was the last litter produced by my beautiful Tori. I truly believe this second litter surpasses the first, which is saying something. We had recently lost Tori’s mother, Rosie, who was my daughter Kyara’s dog. From the beginning, once she set eyes on little Faye, she wanted her for her own. I told her that Faye could be hers and she could name her anything she wanted. Kyara chose the name Faye Webster, after a famous singer.

Our little Faye is a bundle of energy, going where she wants, when she wants, and marching to her own drum. She loves to show off, prance, and just be silly. She’ll be in the show ring soon, and I know my daughter is going to have so much fun with her.

Faye's Pedigree

Litter Sister of Taylor & Corey

These distinguished ancestors have contributed their exceptional temperament, intelligence, and health to our current line.

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Faye's Awards

We are incredibly proud to showcase the impressive achievements of our beloved Labrador Retrievers. Their numerous awards reflect their outstanding qualities and the dedication we’ve put into their training and care. Each accolade is a testament to their exceptional temperament, intelligence, and versatility. We invite you to explore their accomplishments and share in our pride for their remarkable success.


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