Celebrating the legacy of the beloved
Labrador Retriever breed

from our home to your home

We are dedicated to responsible breeding practices and the preservation of breed standards. With a commitment to health, temperament, and conformation, our breeding program aims to produce exceptional companions and working partners. We welcome inquiries and look forward to connecting with fellow enthusiasts who share our passion for this remarkable breed

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At Bazurto Kennels, we prioritize the well-being and future of each litter we breed. Our breeding decisions are made with the utmost care, focusing on preserving the quality and integrity of our bloodlines, and our breeding pairs undergo extensive health clearances, ensuring the health and vitality of each generation. When a litter is planned, we begin a puppy waiting list to ensure each pup finds the right home. It's important to note that while we may have puppies available, our primary goal is to retain certain puppies to further our breeding program.
Furthermore, we believe in matching each puppy with the most suitable family, and after a thorough discussion, we may determine that a particular puppy is not the best fit for your lifestyle or needs. Our commitment is to the well-being of our puppies and their future, ensuring they thrive in loving and supportive homes.
We offer our pet puppies for sale with AKC Limited registration, which prohibits breeding and participation in conformation shows or field trials. However, they are eligible for a wide range of performance events, including obedience, agility, rally, tracking, and retriever hunting trials.


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